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Thread: Red eye stains

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    My new foster, Bella, has bad tear stains too ...the red type but thankfully not sore looking. As soon as we got her we switched her onto the Fromm Beef Frittata, started to use the witch hazel pads on her wrinkles. It's only been about two weeks but I've noticed that her eyes are watering less because the wrinkles are not as dirty. So I know it takes a while for the new food to get into their system. I'll give the Fromm and witch hazel wipes formula a few more weeks, and if those wrinkles are still stained red I think I may need to try something else!!

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    So I have to thank DesertSkyBulldogs for the tip about Desitin. I haven't even gotten the malacetic ultra Otic in them ail yet. Just been using the witch hazel and Desitin Ointment. Look at the difference in just a few days! Thanks Bunches for the tip!-imageuploadedbytapatalk1344707126-842594-jpg
    Alaska Before with a cleaned face
    Alaska just now with witch Hazel and Desitin.

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    In the mail ( sorry unchecked auto text)

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