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Thread: Help My Bully has Skin Problems!!! Hot spots / Rashes :(

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    Default Re: Help My Bully has Skin Problems!!! Hot spots / Rashes :(

    Quote Originally Posted by EBDR35 View Post
    Hey guys I've decided to switch over to Raw feeding after doing some research. Also will be getting the allergy panel done when i go to the vet.
    oh thats awsome. we have a raw feeding forum here and i think there is a yahoo group they recommend. they also say to do alot of research before starting but im glad your baby is going to get the test and some mighty awsome food. i feed sarah freeze dried raw and she is doing good now. i hope you keep us posted on how its going.

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    I didn't see anyone suggest it but the last picture shown looks like red circles. Are they getting bigger and scaly around the outside of the circle? I am wondering if it is ringworm-a fungal infection. Last year it went around my animals with my kitten I was bottle feeding getting it and it spread to me and my lab. Not sure where it came from but it was a bear to get rid of!

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