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Thread: what does this mean!?

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    My bully had yeast in the cracks of his paws where the underside of the paw should be a beige in color my bully's were red [take the paw in question look at the underside of it and open it up should now be able to see all of the cracks and crevices...check for redness. If the underside of the paw has any redness to it then yeast is the problem].
    The cure: Purchase a vagina yeast infection cream [Found at all local pharmacies] and squeeze a generous amount onto a Q-tip and apply to the underside of the infected paw[s] right before bed in the evening. Reapply up to two more times [if necessary] and the problem should be eradicated.

    Also, I've noticed that some bullys will lick their paws because they are bored.

    Hope this info helps you in determining what your bully's issue is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeannieCO View Post
    Hi there. My Wilson does this quite often and more so right after the grass has been mowed. He will chew it until it bleeds too and causes a sore wound. King is most like itchy to due an allergy sensitivity of some sort. I had Wilson allergy tested so I know what he's allergic too and it sure has helped with the guessing game.

    Here's what I do for Wilson that works wonderfully for him.

    1. Get a wash cloth and wash his paw down thoroughly.
    2. Dry it well.
    3. Use some cornstartch (my preference) and rub some inbetween his toes and on the underside of his pad.

    4. If they're all bad, I take Wilson to the bathtub and wash his feet.

    Works like a charm!! He was licking bad on his front foot and I did steps 1-3, again, and walla, licking stopped.

    Hope that helps.
    Nitschke was like this and above is what I did to stop it.... grass allergies.
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    Default Re: what does this mean!?

    Sounds like possible Yeastie Beasties to me. A Sure fire way to figure out if its Yeast or not, it sounds crazy but.. do the sniff test with the Paws, if they smell like Fritos (Corn Chips) then its Yeast -

    We 'Pickle' Gizmo's paws 1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 2 parts warm water. Dip paw.. making sure they are totally wet from the solution, I even massage the paws. Dry totally -

    Make sure you wash all of their bedding if they are in a kennel, you need to kill the Yeast colonies - Warm, Moist = Yeast Heaven -

    Use the solution morning and night for a few days, and then as needed (when you see them licking at their paws).

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