@BabyDuke from what I understand it looks like most bullies do use it for allergy issues. I would assume that steroids anti-inflamatory properties are helping her to breathe easier. Who knows...the breathing could stem from allergies. At this point we really have no idea why she is having the problems that have cropped up. All her bloodwork is normal and all her physical exams haven't shown anything abonormal (other than the blindness starting in one eye but the specialist said it's normal aging ) She was so sluggish and the labored breathing around the clock was terrible. I am starting to see the side effects of the steroids though. She went from lying on the floor half-dead and now she has been digging apart couch cushions and reaching her paws under things looking for food! It's a stark contrast. And she is breathing easy! YAY!

I really do appreciate everyones comments, even if it's warning me of the negative side of the medication. That's exactly what I want and need to know! You guys are the best