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I do remember you changed her diet from low quality kibble or whatever their previous owners were giving her to raw.. do you think she was overweight before and now she is at her weight? I sure hope this is so... I would probably have a blood test as well. not to scare you but my Boston began losing weight and feeling weak, she was only 6; after a round of antibiotics and no improvement, they did blood work and it turned out she had advanced leukemia.. within 2 weeks it took her away from us.. It still bugs me so much and I cry thinking about it.. I hope Bre has just shed her excess weight out!! I am praying for her!! keep us posted Andi!
She doesn't seem too thin to me...maybe it was just excess weight? There is no definition to her ribs even with a 9lb loss (I cant even see them). When the tech got her off the scale I mentioned that it was 9lbs less and she said "Good job Bre!"...is it possible that she was a little too "fluffy"? Man I hope so...
She has a follow up appointment in a week to recheck the eyes, and of course they said bring her in sooner if they look worse rather than better.