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Thread: Wrinkles!

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    Default Re: Wrinkles!

    We were also told by our vet to try Neutrogena Rapid Clear wipes for wrinkles. While they did seem to work, Oliver hates the smell and goes into a huge theatrical performance when we use them. Lately I've been using just a bit of peroxide. I find that dries out any moisture issues the quickest. (always be careful not to go near the eyes!)

    @Maximus - are the Trizclor4 wipes scented? Oliver has a big issue with scents so we're always looking for new unscented products to keep in our arsenal!
    Life is always an Adventure with Oliver!

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    Dog Park Attendant Become a 4 Paw Member Danielle's Avatar
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    Default Re: Wrinkles!

    Herschel hates me cleaning his wrinkles. He wiggles and squirms and does all sorts of amazing get-away moves. Houdini like. Sigh. I have to try and get him when he is fast asleep in the morning since I think he hates getting out of bed more than the wrinkle cleaning and he will tolerate it as long as I don't try to move him lol.

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