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Thread: My New English Bulldog Puppy

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    Welcome to the site. Most likely you will find your answers here.
    It took me years to find a vet that didn't push things on me and accepted my theories and ways on feeding and treating my Bullies. Before, every time I would go, a new medication was prescribed. One time they sold be pain meds after a surgery, told them I didn't need them, but then charged me and said the "Dr" required it....$80 later I got home and realized it was the same medication my older dog had for her bad hips. I was upset, so from then on I learned to ask, ask lots of questions and stand up for myself and my dogs.
    I know have a wonderful vet who I trust and adore. So rule of thumb, if you don't feel comfortable and trust your vet, move to another, ask around, interview them.

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    to EBN Nick and Meatball. We give Bacon salmon oil pills with his food to improve his coat and apple cider vinegar with his food to help his immune system. @italiankidd94 where in NY are you there are other's in the area that may be able to suggest another vet if you wanted to go that route?

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