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Thread: Article: About Bulldog Breeding: Learn What It Takes

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    Yes, there is many concerns and issues involved with any type of breeding; bulldogs, other dogs, pigs or Arabian horses. This article points out many of the major concerns involved in breeding. This is the syllabus, table of content. Finding experienced breeders and vet can help teach. Trying to find those breeders who are willing to help is the biggest problem. Many of the breeders (don't read ALL here...) are not willing to help educate other breeders and minimize competition.

    The quality of the puppies determine the price they sell for. The better the quality, the bigger the investment.

    Asking questions is the best advice.

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    What a wonderful article. I know nothing of breeding and even if I could I wouldn't. I hope this helps educates and helps those that come across it looking for breeding information.

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