has anyone ever litter trained their dogs?? i have mind just because its much easier when i have to go to work and if my sitter cant come they will do their business there.. ok.. here is the thing..
i got my rescue (Rocky) a few months ago and put a litter box in his pen.. ( he has a large pen 6x10 ) didn't take long before he figured it out and was using it.. great.. took a while for number 2 but i expected that, because it did the puppies i had too..
well, hes been doing great until a week or so ago and now he thinks its his bed.. i use the pine pellets that you use in horse stalls, if they pee in it then it just turns to saw dust.. helps with odor too.. well i would scoop it out and just like cat litter you do eventually have to change the whole thing out..
one day i was changing the whole thing out and washed it before adding new litter and then that's when it started... then i noticed on his belly a few little red spots and im guessing its from laying in the litter box..so i put a blanket on his cot and he went back to that for a few days.. until today i caught him laying in it again.. what is wrong with him.. it could not be comfortable sleeping in a litter box..

he doesn't use it that often because he is out more often then not to go outside but i would rather them have a place to use it if i am not there...he does sleep there (it is in our garage) so a few pellets on floor is not problem but i don't want him laying in it.. he won't lay in it if one of the other dogs has went in his pen and used it, so should i just leave a little saw dust in it?.. crazy dog.. only thing that have me a little worried was his big belly having a little rash on it.. i put medicine on it but hate to take it away.. puppy pads are out of the question because he has to much fun with those, has them in hundreds of pieces..
Has anyone else litter trained and had this problem??
i don't mind putting the blanket on his cot but then he pee's on it so i have to change it everyday.. and if its wet i think its when he goes to sleep in litter box.. i think hes confused or just messing with me.. lol.