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Thread: Kennel training and general questions.

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    Default Kennel training and general questions.

    I have an Olde English bulldog. He is literally the cutest and funniest dog ever. We adopted him from a lady who didn't have time for him when he was about 9 months old. She told me he was potty trained, and kennel trained. She didn't want him anymore because she just bought him to breed with her Great Dane, but they weren't getting along. Plus she had four kids that picked on him.

    When I first brought him home, he was great. We didn't have a kennel, but he didn't potty in the house or chew things while we were gone. After about a month or so we got him a kennel because he was starting to chew our couches while we were at work. Since then he pees in the house (even only a few minutes of being outside, where he had just peed) and has become more willing to chew on things. Along with just crying for a while after being in the kennel. Are there ways to stop all this behavior? We take him out three to four times a day (we live in an apartment) and he's never in the kennel longer than 5 to 6 hours.

    Along with that, he has started becoming aggressive. He is super good with kids and girls, but is very skiddish around new people and men. He wasn't like this when I got him, he warmed up to my boyfriend and I immeditly along with our friends. He was good with other dogs, and listened well. But a new neighbor moved in next to us, and when she went to pet him he freaked out and started growling. Since then, even people he's met a million times he will growl at for the first few minutes, then he's fine.
    Now it's gotten to the point where he is even growling at me. Last night were were sleeping, he's really big(75lbs) and started pushing me off the bed. So I started moving him back in the middle, like I always do. But he growled at me, which he never has and I should have stopped.
    But I didn't, I just told him "no growl! Not nice" and pushed him the last little bit and leaned down to kiss his head. He growled and bit my face. He didn't hurt me, because his underbite makes it so he can't bite to well. He immeditly freaked out, trying to kiss me and see if I was ok, I started crying because it scared me and at that point my boyfriend woke up and Spartacus got even more apologetic, kissing me more and whining. My boyfriend yelled at him and he went and slept on the floor.
    What would be the best way to deal with this? I love him so much, and I just want him to be comfortable where he is. I feel like maybe it's anxiety or he's sick. I did mak another post about a lump he has. Would an obedience class be a good idea? I feel so bad that he's unhappy.

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    Default Re: Kennel training and general questions.

    Sounds like he is now comfortable in his new home and is showing more of who he is. Go back to basics and use 'nothing in life is free'.... he gets nothing unless he works for it... food, treats, pet, play etc. all humans must do this so it stays with him and make sure you stay consistent all the time --- get a schedule set and stick to it. Also, no furniture until he is behaving... everything should be earned and a reward for him.
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