I agree with Rosalie on the male/female aspect. We rescued Tyson from a guy who was using him only to breed. I don't think he ever got any kind of affection. They kept him outside in a wooden bin like thing, with hay in it. It took him awhile to warm up to my husband, and still now, years later... he gets aggressive towards him from time to time. Never me... and he loves his daddy, but he 's just is very docile with me, loving & tender. He will also get protective if he tries to kiss or hug me, and he's not feeling it. LOL I know people tend to say the male is the "alpha", but I think Tyson respects me a little more than he does my husband. I don't know if its bc I baby him, and nurture him alot? He'll let me do just about anything to him, including bath time, etc but with my husband - he bolts!!

As far as the creams, cleaning etc. Tyson doesn't care for it either... so what I'll do, is show him what I'm doing first, let him sniff if needed, then show him a treat. He'll let me do what I need to do, then I'll give him the treat. Works well, and I always praise him. So I speak very positively to him, and afterwards say "Good boy, thank you for letting momma clean your face" - it may sound crazy, but speaking to them wit that tone works!! But very interesting on the eye-site thing, I would have never thought of that. I'm sure you will figure it out with time...he may still be learning to trust.