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Thread: How did you train your bullie to release??

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    Baxter Tiberius

    Default Re: How did you train your bullie to release??

    I kneel down next to him, lean over him with his back tucked into my armpit, and I *gently* grasp the nape of his neck and give a *very* subtle grip to it, while leaning down to his face and quietly saying "let go".

    For wahtever reason, that body language causes him to willingly release the item. *nothing* else works. And its kind of cool because he looks like he's getting a sweet gentle hug from me. Nothing aggressive about it.

    I think the body language Im doing is very "dominant" though, in dog world at least, and he releases.

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    Wrinkle Wiper Kansascitymama's Avatar
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    Default Re: How did you train your bullie to release??

    Good I am glad its working, hopefully soon you won't have a need to politely jack him up lol..
    Stop by to visit Mr. Beefy on his daily adventures, and watch him grow on FB Mr. #Beefy The life of a English bulldog.....

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