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Thread: was your bully puppy hyper or laid back??

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    Hyper so far. Can totally relate to the comment about sitting on the couch and keeping your feet up. My poor kids can't resist playing with Lucy and end up nipped on quite a bit.

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    Default Re: was your bully puppy hyper or laid back??

    If Angus doesn't get enough exercise he gets really hyper. We play run-up the stairs (I would throw his toy up the stairs and he'd go fetch) for about 30-45 minutes in the morning and he's laid back the rest of the day until the kids come home from school. So then we go for a 2-mile walk and then play for about an hour of intense soccer and then he's laid back and easy going the rest of the day. He loooooves his soccer and he would be soooo wiped out he'd flop right infront of the water bowl and be too tired to drink!

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