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Thread: Dexter bit my boyfriend...

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    Default Re: Dexter bit my boyfriend...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackieshoes View Post
    Any recommendations on a good book or program
    Quote Originally Posted by Baconator View Post
    Have you considered maybe taking him to an obedience class?

    For the Bully or the Boyfriend ...?????

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    Default Re: Dexter bit my boyfriend...

    It sounds like your pup thought that evil brush was going to "get" him. No more teasing the dog. Easy enough, right? Being able to maintain calm in your dog in situations (ANY) is a great thing to practice. DavidH uses "settle"; but it's not the word itself, it's the sound and his calm, assertive energy. The dogs settle as they know what's expected of them. Bea and Bo can get wonky about something in my hand because they think its for them. I say "Mine" for anything that's none of their beezwax and they stop trying to get it/look at it/touch it/smell it because they know what's expected of them. Practice makes perfect! Your pup is craving leadership from his human pack leaders! Give it to him and you've got yourself a MUCH happier dog to boot.

    No dog is too old to "train" -- but it's the human (not the dog) that generally needs the training.

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    Do they have a boyfriend school?? Could they teach massages, cooking, cleaning, vet tech skills and obedience training?!

    It wasn't the brush, I think it's anything that makes the sound like an aerosol can, or that has a handle...

    So told the bf last night no more teasing an when he starts to act like that I stop him, and put him in time out. He listens to me, but I need to be a better leader I suppose

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    My girl Thelma reacts very wild over a toy that has a squeaky in it. It doesn't matter what toy it is as long as she hears that squeaky she changes her demeanor into that of a girl who MUST GET IT. Now I have babies as in children who come over to visit and I must make sure they are always safe in my home and so I have to make sure all of the squeaky toys are put up and no rough housing is being done with Thelma from anyone when it comes to the squeaky toys. Everything else she is just as calm as can be and the most loving dog ever. She is my rescue and until I figure out what how to approach that we do not have any kind of squeakies out for them to play with, just regular plain toys lol. She litteraly lunges for the toy and when she gets it she clamps down on it and just chews away or makes it squeak herself but the part that concerns me is how she goes into her I MUST HAVE THAT TOY AND LITERALLY JUMPS TO GET IT. A work in progress for sure!
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    Default Re: Dexter bit my boyfriend...

    Quote Originally Posted by LynnA View Post
    I'm in love with Kain, what a beautiful dog!
    Thanks, I appreciate the comment! @LynnA Be sure to check his birthday photos here :

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