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They outgrow it! What worked for us was just approaching them calmly and not baby talking or feeding into their excitement. Just calmly open the door and scoot right outside.
I have to agree with my friend here. I might suggest this; cooperate with your family members so that Bacon has gone OUTSIDE and peed BEFORE you come in the door. THEN, come in the door "no touch, no talk, NO EYE CONTACT" <=== key I'm convinced she'll grow out of this but maybe this might help move that along. You are "reconditioning" her to not be excited when she sees you. The leaking is a body function she cannot control at this point - so emptying her out first, will help. Another thing, how is your energy when you come in the door? Are you anxious? You know, waiting for the dog to pee? Try this; remove that thought from you mind and think about a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies or even sex --- something pleasant and wonderful - NOT THE DOG PEEING. Part of her issue could be picking up on your anxiety. Try this combo platter and let me know what happens! This is a complaint I see often!