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Thread: Question....why is she now pooping in the house?

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    Default Question....why is she now pooping in the house?

    Hey Everyone,

    We have had Pierogi for a little over a week now and for the most part she has been fantastic with respect to potty issues. Today was a different story! She pooped in the house on three separate occasions and peed twice. Twice in her play pen area and once in the kitchen while we were playing. I rushed her outside as I caught her one time. We stayed out there for about 15 minutes, brought her back in to play and then boom. She peed on the kitchen floor.

    Where did we go wrong and how can we fix it????

    As a side note we had very heavy rains today with some thunder and lighting. Could she be scared?

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    Gunny had good weeks and bad days. It gets better, I promise. I would suspect the weather doesn't help.
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    Default Re: Question....why is she now pooping in the house?

    It does get better with training Brutus was the same way with rain or noises...He would be in the middle of going and thunder hits he runs straight inside and within 10 min he would pee on the floor b/c he wasnt finished and couldnt hold it
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    Default Re: Question....why is she now pooping in the house?

    She probably didn't feel comfortable going potty outside. My 2 year old bully does the same thing when it rains. He doesn't want to get wet so when it rains he quickly goes outside and then runs back in. When he was a puppy he used to pee on the floor mat outside the door because he didn't want to go in the rain. It will get better just watch her for her potty cues to prevent it and stay with her till she goes. Most of all be patient.

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