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Thread: Jonesy bit me-plz help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnS View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I'm brand new to the site and need some help. Here s what's up. When jonesy gets something in her mouth that's she's not supposed to have and u try and take it from her she becomes very aggressive and downright mean. She recently bit me hard-drew blood. Any suggestions?
    Any update John? I know the boards get a bit confusing, and I'm still learning the ins and outs - I hope you get a notice that you've been quoted and can find your thread again

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    Default Re: Jonesy bit me-plz help!

    @JohnS OK HERE IS MY 2 CENTS Until you find a trainer Do not try to submit her . Instead try offering something better than what she has in her mouth and she if she will swap you. Tell her with confidence to drop it and show her the hotdog. Dont yell, just be assertive , a very firm drop it When she does and she will if you have a hot dog praise the heck out of her. Without any more background her reaction could be caused by 2 things being fear of you or displaying dominance. I gotta say if you don't know what you are doing and you try to force her down it can turn into a vicious bite and exacerbation the problem. I know a lot of people are huge into this alpha thing but truely it is done by confidence leadership and control of resources ie food toys and attention. I have worked with hundreds of dogs and have NEVER had to put "submit" any of them . Thi is why I HATE HATE HATE Cesar Milan . I have seen this go so so very wrong so many times to the point that a rescue dog had to be put down because the foster family screwed him up so badly the rescue felt he was now unsafe to adopt out.
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