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Thread: Clicker training

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    Default Clicker training

    Does anyone use this method? I've already been using it for the come comand and he seams to be catching on pretty fast.

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    Default Re: Clicker training

    I started using it day #1 when I brought Kain home. I am having amazing success.

    I wanted to update my videos but he is suffering from a fever so our schedule is all interrupted. I'm now testing stay and come clear across the back yard with a simple sit / stay. Awesome results!

    Video if you wish but like I said I've worked further on the commands as well as learnt a few more since this.

    Seen your post and got excited <lol> I've learnt as I'm going and doing it on my own, no way knowledgable enough to know if i'm making mistakes or not but keep researching lots and very pleased with my results.

    Oh, for feeding time, in less than a week I can now have him sit across the kitchen and wait for my "OK" before he knows he can eat. /Amazing

    Enjoy! Great idea to get started though...

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    I do not but it seems to be a great way to train. @Vince00 you seem to have it down. Good job!

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