Iggy is a 19 month old female that weighs 40 lbs.
Meet Iggy !! Iggy is 1 year 6 months old and today she has joined rescue no fault of her own ! Iggy’s Mother, due to some life changes felt like Iggy was a people person and she deserved more time and attention than she was able to give her. Iggy will be looking for a active family with other pets and kids would be a plus. Iggy is an active girl that will do best with some general training such as sit, stop leaping thru the air and twirling like a top. For people that want a puppy and puppy ways this is the bulldog for them.
11/8/2015 Update: Miss Iggy is a joy. She gets along with everyone. She loves to play, but does not seem to have a lot of puppy behaviors. She is calm and just chills with the family most of the time. She has good manners and potty trained. She is not a big fan of the crate, but we have worked on that and she seems to be getting more comfortable. She needs lots of attention and lovies. She wants to be close to her people. Iggy needs a family that can be with her a lot and other dogs around would be a plus as she likes to start wrestling matches with her foster sisters. She is a happy girl and gives kisses. Watch out for her exceptionally long tongue. She will gladly sneak in a big kiss.
11/15/2015 Update: Hi, everybully. It’s Iggy. I had a pretty good week. I sure am getting used to a princess’s life. I like to sleep on cozy beds and play with my foster sisters until I can’t play no more!! I heard my foster mom say last week that I didn’t have many “puppy behaviors”. Well, this week they found me out. My foster dad caught me chewing on a few things. Don’t tell on me about the shoes. Shhhhhh. I am such a sweet girl. I love everybody I meet. I don’t have accidents in the house. Oh yeah, and I am getting used to being in the crate while my foster pawrents are away. Of course, a cookie for encouragement helps. Have a good week, ya’ll.
11/22/2015 Update: Miss Iggy. She is quite the sweet girl. She loves giving big kisses and cuddling right after playing her little heart out with her fur siblings. For whatever reason, Miss Iggy has decided to un-potty train herself this week. Now that we have caught the bandit, we think she may have been pottying in the house all along and we were blaming her fur sister. We are working on resolving this issue with extra attention to her bathroom breaks and not being out of our sight. She is such a precious girl!!

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