Forrest is approximately 3 yr. old male that weighs 48 lbs.
Welcome Forrest to our rescue family. A resident in Forest Hills (south side of Ft. Worth) saw a pickup stop and dump out a dog this morning. They called the police because they thought it was a pit bull. The officer who responded, just could not turn him away. Since it was at the end of her shift, she took him home, gave him a bath and removed about 30 ticks. She took him to her vet to check for a microchip and get cap star for the ticks and fleas, and then through a friend contacted Lone Star Bulldog Rescue.
Forrest joins rescue with a long list of medical issues, but fear not, he is on his way to being good as new. Forrest is a sweet guy with a heart of gold and very well behaved.
6/7/2015 Update: We picked up Forrest from Dr. W’s on Thursday, and he’s been settling into our home quite nicely. A few snapshots are attached. Forrest had heartworm treatment, so our goal is to keep him as quiet and calm as possible. And typically, quiet and calm are two adjectives you would never use to describe the Jack house!
We rearranged the furniture in our front room and brought in one of our bigger crates to give Forrest a sweet, covered shelter spot in the corner. He has no problem going into his “condo” with a little nudge and/or a cookie. When he isn’t snoring softly (music to my ears), he enjoys watching HGTV with me or overseeing BJ as he plays his (stupid) games. We should get Forrest his own headset so he can be just one of the guys.
Speaking of “guys,” we haven’t had a male dog in our home since last year. Thankfully, Forrest is not a marker, unless he’s outside… then he likes to hit our brick pillars, hose stand, utility box, etc. No biggie. He hasn’t had any accidents inside or in his crate… and it seems as if he already knows to go to the backdoor when it’s time to ’empty the tank.’
His tank, by the way, needs some fattening. He’s a skinny dude! He eats, but doesn’t seem to “live for food,” like most other four-leggers I know. I’ve been adding some canned goodness to make meal time a little more tempting. When he arrived on Thursday, his coat felt pretty grody… but he had a bath on Friday night to wash away some of that grime and now he’s on high-quality food, so we’re looking forward to a new, prettier coat soon. He has some hairless spots on his ears, which look to be permanent…. maybe from fleas?
Forrest eyes are a mess. He’s currently on two meds ~ cyclosporine and ciprofloxacin. He takes the drops like a champ, but he’s not a fan of how the ciproflaxcin feels after it’s administered. It seems as if it’s painful for him. We have to sit next to him to make sure he doesn’t scratch his eyes after the meds go in… I’ll probably buy a neck doughnut today for him, but he has some long “arms” and he still may be able to dig at them with the doughnut. Dr. W said to have his eyes rechecked this week.
As you probably know, we are adamant about SLOW introductions in our house, so Forrest has not been released into the general public (meaning he has not met our three Bulldogs yet). However, the girlies have said hello to him through the crate door and he doesn’t seem to care much. I anticipate that he won’t have a problem with other dogs.
Overall, this kid is cool. He’s easy-going, chill and has great house manners. He doesn’t seem fearful or skittish…. he can be sleeping at my feet, while on the computer, and I can easily step over the speed bump and he barely flinches. When we’re outside, the neighbors’ dogs can be barking at the top of their lungs, and Forrest simply saunters along…. “do bee doop bee doop.”
He’s picked up a couple toys and you can see how he lights up! Shaking his head, prancing around, etc. Once he’s heartworm-cleared, we’re taking this boy to the toy store to load up a basket full o’ fun! After being literally DUMPED from a truck, this sweet boy deserves every joy life can give him. .

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