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Thread: Some fun website statistics :)

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    Default Some fun website statistics :)

    One of the things about this website is making sure we are making an impact. Somehow, some way. Are we helping bulldogs? Are we helping owners?

    Well, I pulled up some statistics. Very interesting statistics!

    This is how many page impressions our site has gotten on the following (important) pages since April 1st, 2010. Some of these may not be entirely accurate, if anything they will be more than less.

    Forum pages= 147,893
    Home Page= 14,816
    Rescue Orgainzations= 4,076
    Puppy Buying Tips= 706
    English Bulldog Information= 188
    Dog Food Ratings= 669
    Dog Food Then and Now= 388
    Rescue Then and Now page 1= 836
    Rescue Then and Now page 2= 52
    Rescue Then and Now page 3= 55

    Kinda interesting to see, and some of these pages have not been around since April 1, like the dog food ratings and the Dog Food Then & now, and Rescue Then & Now.

    I thought I would post these statistics, and then come back in 4 months (hope I can remember to do that!) and see what the difference is in the next 4 months

    My favorite number, over 4,000 on the rescue listings. That is just awesome

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    Default Re: Some fun website statistics :)

    Very cool! Oh and I love the rescue addition you have added. makes me want all the pups shown on there. haha

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