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Thread: Recommend an Arcade Game

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    Default Recommend an Arcade Game

    So, I clicked on the Arcade for the first time today and it looks like I've been missing out!

    There are SO many games, can anyone recommend their favorite game(s) to me.

    For reference, I enjoy games like (for all you older folks!) Dr. Mario, Tetris, any kind of word games, but I'm willing to try anything!

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Recommend an Arcade Game

    You can add games to your favorites, so here is what is on my favorites list. Although I have many more than this, but these are the ones where I did hit that button

    Amazon Quest
    Arkadium Skeeball
    Asha Juwels
    Connect Mania
    Crystal Connection
    Diamond Mine
    Fun Fun Animals
    Gorillaz Tiles Mahjong
    Island Mini golf
    J Donut
    Lt Fly II: The Kamakaze Rescue Squad
    Power Pinball
    Sea Life

    What is even funner is tournaments! We have had very few tournaments, but now that we have many who frequent the arcade we can get some more tournaments going? There is a tutorial on Arcade Tournaments in the Tutorials board, it is easy to play and create tournaments

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    Default Re: Recommend an Arcade Game

    I frustrate myself constantly with the different mahjongg games. I really stink, probably because I just don't play video games at all.

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