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    I just recently started using the Natures Logic Frozen Patties for my 14 month old , 47 pound EB. I'm sure this has been posted bf but I'm a little confused on exactly how this works . Yes I did tons of research bf deciding to make the change and I know that I was told by a rep for them that everything she needs is in the patties . What I want to know is should I be giving her snacks In between meals , bones ect ? If so what kind of bones and snacks . I currently am giving her a tablespoon of plain yogurt and also pure pumpkin . Any input would be helpful.

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    I feed both mine raw- I supplement with a probiotic, salmon oil, coconut oil,apple cider vinegar , I also give an egg shell couple times a week. As far as bones I usually go to the butcher and have him give me a couple lamb femurs, or chop up an ox tail and ill give it to them as a Sunday treat. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Good question...I'm not sure what other supplements you might give as I do not feed raw but if your bully is in overall good condition with good bowel movements, it might be that they are getting all that is needed from the patties. I've priced them before so I hope, for their cost, they provide everything!

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    They're supposed to provide complete nutrition. So, you don't need to add anything - including yogurt or pumpkin - unless your dog shows the need for supplements.

    As far as treats... well, we don't have to give our bully's treats for nutrition... but, when they look at you like that, man, it's treat time! LOL.

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