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Thread: Tomlyn Nutri-Stat & Kitty Question

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    Default Tomlyn Nutri-Stat & Kitty Question

    Some of you might remember my thread about my 13-14 year old kitty that was having trouble maintaining his weight. Long story short, I took him in for a full battery of tests (urinary analysis, thyroid, kidney, and diabetes screen) - and all came back normal. My kitty, Buddy, normally weighs around 11 pounds but is down to around 5 pounds and doesn't act like himself at all.

    After our vet appointment a few months ago, I switched his food to a hypoallergenic formula and he started looking a little better but now he has started to thin out again. In addition, he has begun to have trouble jumping on to things that normally never gave him trouble and his meow sounds different - in a bad way.

    At the advice of my vet, I am using a high calorie nutritional supplement now that has a lot of calories and vitamins called Tomlyn Nutri-Stat. It's indicated for underweight, distressed, or nursing animals. Has anyone ever used this with any success?

    Also, when do you know it's time to put a kitty to sleep? I have never had to euthanize an animal so I'm not sure how you determine when it's time and I know there's not one answer but I'm thinking I might not be far away from having to make a decision about Buddy. But it's such a huge (and final) decision.

    I know @JAKEISGREAT has a lot of experience with cats but all advice is welcome!

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    Default Re: Tomlyn Nutri-Stat & Kitty Question

    @sheshistory...oh man...I do unfortunately have a lot of "old kitty" experience. I have not used the supplement you are talking about. I hesitate to give you ANY advice about when is the right time. But I'm going to tell you what has taken me a lifetime to figure out. We...I....have always had a tendency to just try one more thing. The last two kitties I've lost have convinced me that that's too long. My sweet George at one time weighed 26 lbs. a huge guy that was a joy. In his last few years,he dropped to around 13 lbs. I was able to keep him at that weight for quite awhile and then all of a sudden his weight dropped steadily til he was about 6 lbs. He developed a tooth abcess and I was not about to have him go through surgery. I had reconciled myself with the fact that this was close to the end of his life and I owed him a graceful,painless exit. I did allow a "fill in" vet to perform one more procedure. A drainage of the abcess. It was too much. I will never forgive myself for putting him through that one last thing. I'm in tears thinking about this but I think if your precious guy is down to 5 lbs and not himself,with no real prognosis of a better's very close to his time. In the wild and even domesticated cats, will go away to die if they get the chance. Cats are strange beings, they are extremely hard to diagnose and treat. But at 14 years old,he has lived a great life. I think you know and it's a very difficult concept to get your head around. I had a 20 year old cat that was my first time making that decision. We learn so much from our critters and letting go and grieving is one of those things. If you can I hope you are able to be with him as he crosses the bridge. It's hard,but the last gift you give him. to you and peace to Buddy. I'm here if you need anything..

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    I have nutri-cal, sounds like the same. It is a high calorie gel that boost energy for young pups, but dont use it too often. It is more for hypo glycemic breeds. Not sure if that would be a miracle in a tube for you, it may be close to the time to make that choice. It would not hurt tho I don't think.

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