Age: 9
Gender: Female
Location: Tenafly, NJ

Reason given up for adoption:

quirky, funny,

Health Condition:

Placement Limitations:

Special Needs:

Contact Information:

This was written by Pippa's foster family; Meet Pippa, a very funny Bulldog with a face like a black and white cookie.

She has a silly tail that seems to be constantly wagging on its own, bizarre sticky-up ears that flip out at the ends, and a broad smile with the cutest array of mismatched teeth!

Old enough to have lovely manners, Pippa is totally housebroken and neat in the house (she doesn’t even slobber). She doesn’t chew things she shouldn’t, although she does enjoy a soft dental chewie from time to time.

Pippa has more than her share of classic Bulldog traits, from the way she sticks out her lower jaw so cutely when she’s looking at you (we’re sure she thinks she looks serious), to her huge broad shoulders.

Pippa also has plenty of that wonderful Bulldog eccentricity we love so much. This girl clearly knows what’s best. She will only go out when she knows she has to, and that’s never more than three times a day. She will wait by the door, go outside, do what she has to immediately, and waddle right back inside. She wants to be close to her people at all times, and will barge through any impediment to reach that goal, those broad shoulders leading the way. When she thinks it’s time to go to sleep she’ll wait at the entrance to the bedroom. If she doesn’t want to move she simply doesn’t, laughing about it as she resists all efforts to convince her otherwise. She can be quite vocal describing what she wants (she’s learning to stop when she’s ignored), and she sings adorably as she chomps away on her kibble.

This low energy sweetie will be a wonderful and devoted companion for the true Bulldog lover, and is guaranteed to bring more than her share of laughter along with true love.

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