About Lilly

Lilly is one of the sweetest English Bulldogs that has ever graced us with her presence in our program. She is a young girl who was purchased by her owner with the intent to breed her. As Lilly grew and developed it was very clear that she had some orthopedic issues. Her owner could not afford these surgeries and decided the best thing for Lilly was to surrender her to NOBR to receive the medical care she so desperately needed. Lilly has Luxtating Patella in both knees. Our vet preformed surgery on the worst knee first without success and recommended she see Dr. Hancock at Southpaws for a more specialized surgery.

Dr. Hancock saw Lilly this week and recommended we do both knees at the same time, increasing the cost to NOBR already tight finances. Lilly not only needs her patellas tightened, but her conformation is off so both her legs with also be realigned in surgery straightening out the legs and knees so the patellas stay in the socket. We are very hopefully Lilly will walk soon with your help. Please open your heart's this Holiday season to the sweetest bulldog who has stolen our heart's and donate towards her surgery. Thanks

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