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Thread: Bean ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

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    Default Bean ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    Age: 6
    Gender:Unaltered Male
    Weight:30 lbs
    Energy Level:Med High
    Color:Mostly white with other markings
    Good with other dogs:Yes
    Good with cats:Unknown
    Good with kids:Unknown
    Object aggression:none known
    Special Needs:None
    Medications: None given by surrender family
    Crate Trained: Partially
    House Trained:Yes
    Adoption Fee:$450.00
    Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies

    Bio:Bean is a compact, healthy, fun loving bullie with a very loving personality. He is friendly towards animals and people; and shows no aggressions with his food. He seems very affectionate; and seeks attention often.

    Bean is very good at going outside; and appears to be fully housebroken. He is very playful and body wiggles all over the place to get your attention to let you know he wants to play. His antics will make you laugh.Bean is a solid bullie with a lot of strength; even given his smaller size. We have not seen him around children; but we anticipate his strength and energy would be better suited for an older child who won't get knocked over by an energetic bullie.

    May 1 update: Mr. Bean has put on some (needed) weight since he's been in foster care, and now tips the scales at a svelte 40 pounds. As a 6 year old dog, we will try to keep his weight at about this level for optimal health. He's a good jumper and likes to get on "his chair" for naps.

    Bean's early life did not contain much socialization, and he is easily overwhelmed by people. He does not like to have his face or head touched, and we are working on his tendency to growl (in fear) when he is handled. He will need lots of patience and work with his adopters to overcome this behavior.

    July Update:

    Bean is doing well with daily walks on the leash, and practicing his basic commands. He continues to have issues with anxiety and fear, which his foster family is addressing with a lot of patience and love.

    contact them:

    You need to have an adoption application on file before contacting them through email.

    Follow this link to fill out an adoption application:

    To view more English Bulldogs for adoption through Indiana Bulldog Rescue, click this link below:

    Be sure to tell them you found them on English Bulldog News!!
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    Default Re: Bean ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    I'm a good girl, I promise

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