Hello, friends! My name is Lottie Lucille and I am estimated to be around 7 years old. My name has a special meaning because I am an extra special girl Ė Lottie means freedom and Lucille means light. I was given this name by my foster mama when I came to live with her from an underground puppy mill. It was literally underground in a bunker Ė dark, zero ventilation, horrific. But thatís enough about that. The only direction I am looking now is forward, and let me tell you, things are definitely looking up for me. Iíve never felt so good or been so loved in my entire life.
I am estimated to be about 7 years old. I weigh 47lbs and am trim. Itís the perfect weight for me! I had my tail amputated about a month ago Ė it was causing me a great deal of pain every minute of every day. We had no choice but to get rid of it, and I cannot express how much better I feel now. I am so thankful to be without the constant pain. I am all healed up and my foster mama tells me I have the most beautiful behind in the Midwest! Now that weíve resolved the chronic tail infections by removing it altogether, I donít have any remaining health issues. I do seem to have some arthritis Ė I move slowly, especially when I first get up from a nap. I can get up on furniture, but itís not always graceful. My foster mama has me on glucosamine for it. Itís just typical 7-year-old-bulldog type stuff.
Now letís talk about my personality. I have come a loooooong way, but I am still a bit unsure of myself. After being beaten down for years in the mill, I am just now learning that I am worthy of all this love. Donít get me wrong, I soak it all up like a sponge! I LOVE to be loved and absolutely crave the affection from my foster family and anyone who will take the time to acknowledge me. My foster mama has a theory that I was once in a home that didnít hurt me, because I am so ready to be loved. Who knows how I ended up in that horrible puppy mill Ė Iím the only one that knows, and I am keeping the details of my story close to the vest. I absolutely, without a doubt, ADORE my toddler foster siblings of the human variety. They are very gentle with me and love me. I welcome their kisses, hugs, and pats with open arms. I love everyone and everything I have encountered since being rescued. I canít get enough affection. I also have two furry foster siblings, both male bulldogs, and I do GREAT with them as well. I am very easy to get along with.
I sleep a lot. I love to be outside where I can breathe the fresh air when itís not too hot. I didnít eat very well when I was rescued, but I have gradually realized that meal time is awesome! Just in the last week or so I have started to eat 100% of my meals without my foster mom having to beg or hand feed me, piece by piece. I sleep in my foster parentsí bedroom on a double stacked dog bed next to my bulldog foster brothers, and I donít make a peep all night. When my foster family is gone to work, etc., I hang out in my crate. I donít have accidents in the house except when my humans are gone (this is very impressive for a mill dog), hence the crate. I do still have accidents in my crate when they leave me, but I continue to work VERY hard to overcome this habit.
My foster mama has tears in her eyes as she writes this for me because she canít imagine letting me go when I am adopted by my very own forever family. I told her not to worry because I will pick the BEST family and I know she will always love me. If you think you might be the perfect family to love me forever, please fill out an application! I canít wait to meet you and show you how much love I have in me, despite my unimaginable past. Until then, Iíll be soaking up all the love in my foster home!
Lottie Lucille (a.k.a. Lottie Lu)

Lottie Luís adoption fee is: $550


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