Hello world! My name is Oreo and I'm so happy to meet you! I was born in a puppy mill but was returned to the mill because I had demodex and a heart murmur. Another rescuer saved me and contacted CEBR to see if they could help. My demodex was quickly treated and I look so much better. But it quickly became clear that my heart issues were much more serious.

I went to the University of Illinois to see if a procedure would help, but unfortunately, my heart problems are too complex and my arteries too small for procedures or surgery to work. The doctor put me on beta blockers to slow down the impact on my heart, and now we're waiting to see if that will work. I'm going back to the doctor next week to determine if that worked. If it does, I may live another 6+ years. If not, sadly, my life may be very short. Since there isn't any procedure or surgery for me, my forever family will just need to keep me on beta blockers which are very affordable, and I will need annual EKG's to monitor my heart.

The good news is, you'd never know I had any problems by looking at me. I'm all puppy! I love to play, play, play. Which also means lots of nibbling, which my foster family is trying to teach me not to do to humans. I would do great in a home with a playful fur brother or sister so that I can puppy play with them! I'm still learning potty training, but with patience and time, I know I can get it. I currently only have accidents if my schedule isn't followed exactly, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Since I'm a silly puppy that never had a family before, I am in need of some structured training. It will help me focus my energy and bond with my forever family. With time, I may do fine with kids, but since I am currently so nibbly, I will need lots of supervision to make sure I don't accidentally nibble too hard. I generally do fine with other dogs, but if they are aggressive towards me, I act in kind. I accidentally bit my foster mamma (she says this was her fault for getting in between us) when I got into a scuffle with my foster brother because I got too riled up. He started it! Now we get along fine, but at first I just wanted to show him I could be as tough as him.

I'm a pretty little guy - 38 pounds, and I may grow a bit more but probably not too much. I about one year old, and I'm going to be neutered before I am adopted. I just need a family who will give me as much love as I will give them, and understands that while I have a congenital heart defect, I can still live a very full life.


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