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Thread: Mackie ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL ~~ IN LOVING MEMORY

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    Default Mackie ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL ~~ IN LOVING MEMORY

    Dear Santa:

    My name is Mackie; I’m about 4 years old and found my way into CEBR as a stray. Apparently I wandered a little too far out of my yard and before I knew it I had no idea where I was. Talk about scary! Thankfully a nice local shelter took me in and tracked down my family. Sadly, they weren’t interested in taking me back. That’s OK, because I have faith that you and CEBR are going to find me an awesome new family who really want me and is going to love and take care of me forever. A new family is actually all I’m asking for this Christmas. In order to help you out, Santa, I’ve included a little about myself.

    For an English Bulldog, I’m a bit on the smaller side. My foster mom calls me her little nugget. Talk about embarrassing! I weigh almost 42 lbs, that’s a pretty big nugget if you ask me! Unlike most bulldogs I have the ability to wiggle my tail. I get super happy when people talk to me and suddenly my whole body just starts to wiggle. I’m told it’s pretty cute. All I know is that I love attention and look forward to being showered in it for the remainder of my life!

    Once I get over this nagging upper respiratory infection I will only need my daily eye drops. I’m going to need these for the rest of my life to keep my eyes comfortable, so please make sure this is a commitment my new parents are willing to make. I have to admit, I don’t love my eye drops, but with the 2 people helping out, I allow it. Speaking of my eyes, due to chronic scarring I do not have the best vision. This slows me down in no way, it just means I run into a few more screen doors than the average guy. I would love a home that will be able to take me on a daily walk. I’m not a big fan of toys so walks are a great way for me to expend my energy. Not that I have a ton of energy or anything…I certainly don’t skimp on naps (couches are my favorite!), but I enjoy a good walk a day. I wouldn’t mind living with another dog, as I’m a friendly guy and enjoy the company. My foster mom says I’m very smart and a great listener, I rarely, if ever, cause trouble, so I think I will make your “nice” list this year.

    I hope you see that I’ve been a very good boy this year and really hope you can find me the best home ever for Christmas! I really love cookies, but I’ll do my best to save a few for you, Santa.


    Please go to this page at Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Website:

    To find out more about their adoption process.

    Please tell them you found them on English Bulldog News

    Thank you

    To view more English Bulldogs from Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, click the link below. ILLINOIS- Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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