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    This was kind of a random spur of the moment idea, but i thought it would give me something to do and also let my friends and family see buster grow up to an extent. I started a blog to just kind of update with anything Buster's life

    Whether is big moments or just little events, it gives me a good chance to put little written stories and pictures all about Buster. I'd like to invite anybody thats ready about Buster or just is bored and would like to see/read something bulldog related to check it out. The address is! Thanks in advance if you like it, let me know what you'd like to see and i'll try to update it regularly and often.

    Also, I know there are some rules with other forums and stuff about posting links to websites so i hope no one takes this out of context and sees it as some kind of self promotion tool. I just thought it would be fun and hopefully some other people would find it intertesting too

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    PS hopefully nobody is offended by my writing. I really just write how i speak and think so it's meant to be funny, not offensive or mean. It's nothing crazy, just a disclaimer

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    lots of views, no comments? Your criticism is appreciated

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    I cannot view it from my iPod but it sounds great. Too bad you did not do it here instead!

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    yea i didnt know i could do that :\ but it's been fun so far. If you like it please keep up with it Not sure why its not coming up on your ipod, im pretty new to this blogging type thing

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    Nice! I love the pic where he is sunning!

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    yea i loved that picture, he lays around so weird haha. Couldn't pass up the photo op. Glad you like it!

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