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Thread: Need help potty training!!

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    Default Need help potty training!!

    I have a new bulldog and he is 8 weeks today. I have him on an eating schedule and I take him out about 7-10 times a day, literally!! I'm trying to crate train him but I'm having problems because he is peeing in his crate. He doesn't poop in his crate thank goodness. So basically, my question is how do I get him to stop peeing in his crate? I'm afraid that since he is peeing in it everyday that he will get used to it and it will become an indefinite problem. Also, no matter how many times I take him out he still uses the restroom inside of the house. Any suggestions?!

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    He's a puppy this happened with Rocky...we always misjudged when he had to go and when we brought him in he always peed inside, we actually got him to go on the pee pee pads first and then eventually before he went to go on pad we ran him just takes TIME and practice....

    He learned pretty quick but of course we had LOTS of accidents...

    Just be patient...

    Jenna Zepeda

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    Default Re: Need help potty training!!

    I agree. Eight weeks is awful young. The puppies are like little babies in that their ability to physically hold it and know when they have to go. Just keep doing what you are doing andyou will see milestones. My Lola had that same issue with the crate, she'd pee in it. And have occasional accidents outside of it. But I kept on taking her out and used the pee pads too.

    But She is a year and a half. I'd say she got reliable at about 8 months. Now she is incrediblel.

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    Default Re: Need help potty training!!

    Ensure his crate is only big enough for him to turn and lay in comfortably.Use a partition if you have to. Too large a crate will have him peeing in one corner of it, and moving to another.
    Take him out frequently as you have. Take him to the same area till he goes. Usually after he wakes from a nap, plays or eats and drinks.
    What I did with Bruno was drill a bunch of small neat holes in the plastic crate tray. I would lay a neatly folded old towel on the bare crate floor and then lay the plastic tray on top of the towel.
    I did this because he would lay in his pee all night long, and wake up with a belly rash. This avoided that because the pee would soak through into the towel and keep him dry all night long =)
    He is still young. It's going to take a little time.

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