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You may be referring to my sibling rivalry issue! (Effie & Josie)...we're working with our new trainer diligently. Surprisingly, they got into a fight while he was there that first night. As much as I hated it, I'm glad it happened while the trainer was there so he can see exactly what we are dealing with. When it happened Effie was sitting near the trainers feet & Josie made a move to walk towards them- it was ON at that point (still not sure which dog lunged first, but I''m inclined to believe it was Effie). The trainer thinks that our household is out of balance & we are starting at square one with intense obedience training (no prong or shock collars though- it's mostly all through vocalization) & making ourselves the alphas. We ignore them both for 10 mins at all first contacts, we are practicing crate door/and back door programming, ignoring them when they beg/nudge for attention. Neither of them are sleeping in bed with us anymore either (at least for time being). Right now we are keeping them separated as well. They are on crate rotation. We practice off and on all evening with both dogs. Effie (we've had her since she was a puppy) is REALLY stubborn. She absolutely thinks she is the boss and it's been very challenging. Josie (she was re-homed to us back in Feb) is doing excellent. She aims to please! Our trainer is hoping that by restoring balance & getting ourselves into a position of authority that the dogs will also relax more & stop guarding people/spaces, etc- as that's what truly appears to be the problem. We are still hoping for the best. The last few nights they have been going up to one another, when one is out & the other is still in her crate, and they'll kiss each other through the bars. Josie went up to Effie's crate last night & was pawing at the door to be opened. Our trainer is supposed to be coming back tonight with tethers & the goal of reintroducing them to one another. I'm definitely nervous, it's been such a peaceful week.

Anyway, didn't mean to hijack the post! I hope Duke's eye heals soon!!! He's such a handsome boy. It sounds like you know exactly what's going on with them-- I wish our issue was as simple as toys/bones! That was how it originally started & was easily manageable.
Yes it was you i was thinking of.... I very much hope that things continue to improve. keep in touch...