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Thread: entropion Eye Surgery! HELP!

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    Default entropion Eye Surgery! HELP!

    Hi all!

    I am new to the site but would like some opinions/help.

    My bully is 6 years old. She had entropion eye surgery on wednesday 8/16 on both eyes. She had an ulcer on her cornea from continual scratching of the eyelashes, hence why we went ahead with the surgery. We saw a specialized vet who works with bulldogs and runs our local bulldog rescue group. He has performed a luxating patella surgery on her as well last year with great results.

    The vet is closed today so wanted to get others experience. Since her surgery her bottom eyelash line has been extremely goopy. Much more than normal, to the point where she can barely open them when she wakes up. She eats like normal, has not been drinking but I've managed to add some to her food. She's been urinating normally, but has not had a bowel since Thursday. I assume due to surgery and anesthetics this is normal. I have been trying to gently wipe away some of the eye goop but because of the sutures it is hard to remove them and I am afraid I will hurt her if I keep touching it. After endlessly googling and reading others experience, I have been getting nervous because I do not see anyone else talking about the eyes being very goopy and crusty after surgery. After researching, my fear is that the vet could have removed too much skin and caused ectropion, which is why there is discharge. I am not an expert in this field, and I do not know a lot about the eye issues because this was new to us, so I am hoping I am wrong.

    She is taking antibiotics, as well as drops and ointment for the eyes. She is wearing a soft cone to prevent itching.

    She seems very depressed. She won't walk and only briefly goes outside, but otherwise has just been sleeping since surgery. This all could be normal after surgery, but the other forums I have read people were saying there dog was acting normal the next day and now I am getting worried.

    PLEASE PLEASE! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will be contacting the vet tomorrow, but until then for some peace of mind I would love feedback.

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: entropion Eye Surgery! HELP!

    I also responded on other thread

    Try alternating cool /warm compress to loosen goop and sooth incision

    I tagged a few members with experience

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