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Thread: Help with lazy one pooping on floor :(

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    Default Help with lazy one pooping on floor :(

    My Bulldog Alice is 4 and half and has done pretty well with house training thru her years. The trouble I have lately is getting her to eat on a schedule so I can get her to poop before I go to bed or go to work in the morning. She has no interest at all in waking up to eat, then does at sometime while I am at work then has been pooping on the white rug in the living room. She seems so lazy and even trying to get her off her couch is getting harder. Last night she hadn't eaten by 8pm so I put her food up for the night. This morning she went outside and pooped then ate.. when I got home at lunch she had pooped on the carpet. I am getting so frustrated, as everyone know Bulldogs are not small poops lol.

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    Default Re: Help with lazy one pooping on floor :(

    You need to kennel her when you are not home. When feeding time comes put the food down and give her 10 minutes to eat. At the end of 10 minutes, pick the food up. Ten or so hours later, offer her food again following the same method. Soon enough she will be on YOUR schedule.
    As far as pooping is concerned, take her out right after every meal and again at night before you go to bed...more often if you have the opportunity.

    FWIW, I have never heard of a Bulldog that starved itself when on a regular schedule of feeding. It may take her a few days to catch on but she will/should eventually get it.

    The kenneling is VERY important.

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    Default Re: Help with lazy one pooping on floor :(

    @CindyandAlice You have been given some good advice. You might also consider taking Alice for a check-up,maybe bloodwork. If one of my dogs didn't eat
    that would be a concern! Not eating for more than one day,would be a Vet visit.
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