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Thread: Surrendering our pets.

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    Default Re: Surrendering our pets.

    My dad was one for re-homing dogs, which used to make me angry. I believe he did it to spare himself the grief of one of them dying. Now that I understand his earlier life a little better, I think I get it.

    But I saw the absolutely horrible grief my daughter went through when she had to surrender a sweet little pittie because the dog was play aggressive toward my infant grandson. She tried crating the dog (she destroyed the crate), keeping the dog in another room (the dog ate through a wall and a door), drugging the dog (only worked for a few days)--you name it! The dog had always been sweet, but highly, HIGHLY energetic and separation-anxiety prone. We worked for a week trying to find someone who would take her, but no one wanted a pittie--even though a sweet one. She found a shelter about an hour from her home and called me sobbing because she had to make the decision. We donated large bags of premium dog food to them for taking her.

    My other daughter was able to follow the progress of the dog and found that she had been adopted in a home with lots of kids and activity--absolutely perfect for the dog, who could run and play until she was completely worn out. We all know of dogs who have been in bad situations of abuse and neglect. We need to support people who have to make this difficult decision--or if they have to make the decision because they don't care for the animal anymore. Surrender can be best for the animal, though it doesn't feel like it at the time.

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    Default Re: Surrendering our pets.

    As some of you know -- Memorial Day 2014 I became paralyzed from the waist down -- with unknown but mounting medical bills -- a very unstable financial future (Unable to work) and unknown how long I'd have health insurance -- we had to rehome our 2 babies. After 30 months, we are now stable financially and the VA picked up my care -- I could never tear away my bullies from their new happy and loving homes -- In our case, even though it was the toughest decision of our lives, it was the correct one.

    We are again, proud Bully parents -- its been challenging from the Wheelchair (can you imagine a bulldog doing a Slalom between my wheels ?!?!? well she does !) --

    Dont pass judgement, dont say 'Well I would do THIS' no one... absolutely NO ONE can say what they would do in any given situation -- if you think you do know how you would react, you are lying to yourselves -- I know I would HOPE I would react a certain way... but until put into that situation -- No one knows.

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