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Thread: Updates on El Chapo

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    Default Updates on El Chapo

    Hey everyone! It's been a few weeks... El Chapo is now 10 weeks old! We didn't follow through with feeding him raw and switched him to kibble so he's eating Nutro Lambs blend for large breed puppies. We are in the process of house-breaking which is posing as a small challenge probably more-so due to the fact that we are out of the home 6-8hrs a day, I always come home on lunch to let him out or bathroom breaks and once home for the evening he of course gets about 5-6 in between time totaling about 8-10 bathroom breaks a day.

    We contemplated leaving him crated while we are gone... I thought it was somewhat torturous and therefore decided to tie him up by his harness in the kitchen, with access to his crate and water.... well, my fiance' came home to find her brand new couch pillow destroyed, trashed ravished through, and pee all over LOL, El Chapo ESCAPED ha ha, so we keep him crated while we are gone, IDK how he got out of his harness but he managed to do so, he is still a little nippy with the children but is getting better and learning they're not his property, "sit and come" is coming along good, he's healthy has been seeing the vet regularly!!! PICS COMING SOON!

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    Default Re: Updates on El Chapo

    Hello! You're going through what I went through last August/September. Joey is 10 Months old now. I can tell you from experience USE THE CRATE!! Thank God you stopped leaving him tied up, I just think that would be so dangerous!!

    PLEASE do not feel guilty using the crate, honestly I could not ever have imagined not crating Joey. I followed the instructions of the experienced puppy/bulldog owners here, I read and read all the posts and advice on crate training, transitioning, etc. and they were SPOT ON. I realized very early that for the sake of keeping Joey out of trouble, safe, and not developing bad habits, I needed the crate.

    I can tell you now, again with the help of people here, I can leave Joey with run of the house, at 10 months, and she is doing GREAT!! I have cameras so I check on her from time to time and now have increased her time alone to 2 hours, with no problems. I believe the trick was to prevent any bad habits from forming and I could not have done that without crate training.

    Another hint, from my recent puppy experience, start walking her on a leash quickly and often. That really formed the bond between Joey and I and started the "me alpha.....you dog..." relationship. I love her with all my heart as I am sure you do El Chapo......now is the time to be forming an ever lasting, safe, healthy bond. Good luck, have fun, and I've learned some PRICELESS lessons here that I will be more than happy to share, because if not for the sharing folks here I would have been lost. How about those photos
    May the sun in your eyes be your ONLY problem today! Peace Friends!

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    Default Re: Updates on El Chapo

    "El Chapo ESCAPED!" Too funny!!! You'll find that crate training is initially harder on you than it is on them. It also offers them their own space. I gave (and still give) mine a high value treat every time they "go to bed". Now when I say "go to bed" they both go in with no issues. Lockjaw will often just go in his and hang out with the door open. It will help a ton with potty training. Make sure u put the divider in and he only has room to lay down. If you give him too much room he may use the bathroom in his crate- and believe me, that is no easy task to break them of!
    We got Penny when she was 12 weeks and she was used to a raised kennel. It literally took 3 months of solid consistency and many many poop filled kennel days before she stopped doing it. Worst few months of my life!!!

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    "Every once in a while, a dog (or 2) enters your life and changes everything!" <3

    Mommy of Lockjaw and Penny

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