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Thread: Few questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by karina View Post
    He was crate trained but now he's peeing in the crate. It's a medium crate so he's just standing in his pee. I take him out in the night 10:30pm but at 7am he isn't holding his pee. I'm frustrated as I think this is him being lazy. I read up on the clicker and went to petsmart last year to check it out. Many clickers and each one clicked differently. What if the pup doesn't like the sound of the clicker? Then you go to the store and buy another one? It would be my luck to get a fuzzy pup that has a certain clicker disorder going on. For now I am dealing with him being a wateroholic. Not real worried about the leash deal. I use treats and practice with him 2-3 times per day. Thanks so much for all your thoughts!!
    That would be my luck also! Luckily my monsters are so food motivated that the clicker (any clicker) is equal to ringing a dinner bell. It doesn't matter what it sounds like, it's what follows that's the key!

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    Heres what we did wit our Oscar...He's only a year old 5/31. We have changed his crate twice. I recommend the wire crates that allow you a divider that grows with your puppy. Once he outgrew that one we went to a bigger crate, but by then he was housebroken. The rule of thumb for crates, especially while HB, is just big enough for puppy to stand, turn around and lie down. any bigger they will use bathroom in their crate and just move to the dry/clean area.

    Leashes and walking...Oscar didnt like his collar or harness at first either. Inside we would place each piece on one at a time and let him get used to it. ex Place his collar leave it on for say 5 -10 minutes then take it off. do this several times a day until finally you can add a short lead, don't hold it or try to make them walk just supervise and let them walk around the house or yard and drag it with them. This approach worked very well for Oscar. No when he sees his harness in hand he goes "crazy" with excitement, he knows its time for a walk or a ride. Now if I can just get him to ride on the

    For all the wife is a petite woman 5'2" and 110lbs, Oscar can drag her around very easily. The "reverse harness" someone mentioned is great. It forces your dog to stay beside you because it attaches in the front to eliminate pulling.

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