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Thread: Tyson has luxating patellas....feeling a wee bit stressed :0(

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    Default Re: Tyson has luxating patellas....feeling a wee bit stressed :0(

    Quote Originally Posted by Bizzymammabee View Post
    Here's the newest in this ongoing saga with Ty's leg: last night we started seeing some swelling in the hock on that back leg. So off to the vet we went this morning. The vet doesn't feel anything wonky with that hock and when it's manipulated it doesn't bother him at all. He thinks it could be one of two things. The first being that it's fluid collection from the stuff going on with his knee and the second is a possibility of Lymphadenopathy. He said he thinks that Ty's breeding lines are not very good ones and that is why so much is starting to go on now. We are still trying to give it a few more days to try and get the swelling down in the knee area and go from there. I have to drop off a urine sample Monday morning so they can rule out the Lymphadenopathy. For now he wrapped the leg a bit so that the compression can give him some support. The Rimadyl and Tremadol will go on until Monday and then he may swap him out to a steroid to help with the inflammation. I am resigned to the fact that he will need he ortho surgery and will move heaven and earth to take care of that for him. Just kind of scared to hear if maybe he has something else going on as well and that is why we are seeing so much inflammation. I just keep getting these thoughts that they are going to tell me he has some sort of cancer or something on top of everything else. My poor Ty.
    So sorry you and Ty are going through all this... Try not to think the worst... Hard i know, as i would be probably doing the same.

    Good luck on Monday... Keep us posted. Lots of positive thoughts
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    Default Re: Tyson has luxating patellas....feeling a wee bit stressed :0(

    Thanks guys. The kind words and advice mean a lot. I am going to have arms to die for from carrying his big butt around. Thank God he is only 44 lbs, not sure what I would have done if he was 60 lbs or more.

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    Always in my heart and never far from my thoughts. See you at the rainbow bridge my sweet little Monkey. R.I.P. Raven.

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