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Thread: I hate leaving her home alone :(

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    Default Re: I hate leaving her home alone :(

    My babies are also 5 months old now. We got Lockjaw first at 7 weeks. It was summertime and someone was always home with him for the first 6 weeks. When school started back and he was then left by himself all day (we acclimated him to being home alone slowly for about 2 weeks- built up the time each time we left). I felt horrible. Our hours were about the same as yours. We ended up going back to get his sister. LOL So when he was 13 weeks, we picked up Penny. Im sure they didn't remember being litter mates at first, and Lockjaw was jealous for about a week or so, but now they get along great. Still puppy play ALOT - they are crated separately during the day and at night, but just having another buddy there with him made me feel a lot better. That was our solution. LOL - But, either way he will get used to your routine and schedule! My husband and I stayed home Monday and Tuesday this week and noticed that they slept ALOT during the day! So I'm pretty sure thats how they spend most of their days. They are pretty much wide awake from the time we get home until around 8pm (they take a short nap before bedtime @9:30).
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    Default Re: I hate leaving her home alone :(

    Quote Originally Posted by LukeM View Post
    Awww! Do you mind telling me what camera you use? Yours seems a lot better than mine, lol.
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    I have the Foscam FI9831P ...easy to install and very clear.

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