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Thread: Piece missing

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfd38383 View Post
    This is how I feel since grad school started back up. I have had like 5 minutes if less a day to check the forums and some days i don't even sign on. I miss staying up to date on all the articles, pics and vids... I use to look forward to signing on a few times a day and being active on here, now i'm lucky to sign on. Hopefully I will get a break in work soon and can have a few days on here to catch up.
    @wfd38383 I"m in the same position as you (kinda) .... I'm a personal trainer so right now is my busy time with everybody making committments to get healthy and fit this year. Committments that will probably start to fade into a distant memory for some of them by March/April time ..

    So I'm not on here as much as I used to be, and sometimes barely get the chance to log on at all. However, I start to panic that I have missed something and get annoyed with myself when I can never get to the end of all the new posts that exist since I was last on EBN. And believe me I really DO try to get through all the new posts ......

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    it sucks, it's weird but i missing being part of this community everyday and reading posts from the regulars and seeing all the dogs...i know i dont know any of you or your dogs but it feels like I do cause i am use to reading or seeing pics of them multiple times a day

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