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Thread: Vet Visit

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    Glad the appt went well! I found when Samson was a puppy he attracted everyone! While he still attracts alot of attention I feel like its normally more from men now that he is all grown up.

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    Yay for a good first vet visit! He really is such a handsome guy with that face so you can't blame everyone! Chunk gets SO much attention everywhere we go and he LOVES it! He loves people, dogs and even cats (although the one cat he was around didn't love him )! It's usually this silly tongue that gets the first looks. After a while you plan extra time in your errands.
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    Glad your visit went well! Hudson fell asleep at his first visit too!! It's nice that they get the positive attention because then they don't mind coming back. Hudson just runs in looking for the techs! He doesn't even want to get on the scale.

    Bully pups just attract it all. Hudson believes that everyone in the world is outside to see him because that's the experience he had as a puppy. For the first weeks home, every time we'd go out, someone would come up to him squealing and pet him.

    Hubby always says he and Hudson are gonna go out to pick up chicks. What can you do? They're both so adorable!

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