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LOL!!! The other day, Bella had the puppy zoomies inside her playpen. I thought she was going to bust through the plastic! Those crazy bully girls! I thought of you guys and I wanted so bad to grab my iPad and record, but it was out of reach.
I actually did record Winnie doing the zoomies once. It was really hard to do because she was moving so fast. When I tried to post it here it didn't work for some reason. Maybe I did it wrong. I have wondered about Bella's playpen. I'd be afraid Winnie would tear one up! Winnie has a new fav thing--it's a ball. She takes it everywhere we go nagging me to throw it. I must've thrown it 30 times in the yard this morning for her to fetch. She fetches great and brings it back, then expects you to wrestle her for it. Anyway, we came in and she laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I went into another room to pay some bills about ten minutes later...and immediately heard her get up and start crying for me. I went in and she was standing there barking with the ball in her mouth. I can't rest or get anything done here! But I do love her!