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Im no expert at all but I have a couple suggestions that are working well for my 16 week old. With these suggestions shes had one accident because I thought about reacting instead of reacting.

I feed my girl 3 times a day. 6:30 am 12:30 and 6:30 pm. About 15 minutes after she eats we go out. Sometimes she goes pee only so I take her back out again in another 15 minutes. Generally by then shes ready to go. If not we go in another 15. I leave the most recent pile out there and clean up the previous one. It seems like the recent one triggers her brain to know what to do. Take a treat with you outside and after he goes outside make a HUGE deal of it and give him a treat. Only give him that particular treat when he goes outside. Also as soon as he goes take him inside. Dont play or anything till you get inside.

Make sure his crates not too big for him. He should only be able to stretch out and basically turn around in it. Generally dogs wont go where they sleep so if the cage is too big he will have room to use it as a restroom.

Keep an eye on him always, literally always, even if you have to keep him tethered to you. If you ever think "I wonder if he needs to go" immediately take him. Worst case you waste a trip outside. Best case he goes outside. If he starts sniffing, walking sideways or whatever, take him out. Dont wait to see what happens next.

IMO potty training is the absolute worst. Its tedious, mind boggling and sometimes id rather sleep in than go outside. One thing I always remember though is Id rather spend 5 minutes outside in 15 degree cold than an hour cleaning my carpets.

Itll happen though but it takes time.
thanks for the information !!! he is currently eating precise and his stools have not been runny his cage is average size not to big but he has been using his crate as his restroom we are trying to train him daily so I'm sure he will come around sooner or later
Make sure he's on a quality food that is agreeing with him. Stool should be firm not runny. This will help regulate him more than anything.