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Thread: Do your bullies go on walks?

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    Default Re: Do your bullies go on walks?

    Both Abby and Bella were great walkers. Abby is too old and we have to wheel her in a wagon, but Bella is ready to go every time. She took a long time to get used to her harness, maybe that is the issue. I changed her to one because she is a puller and it is easier on a harness. Good luck, maybe Bella and Emmit can get together and she can encourage him to walk with her.

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    Default Re: Do your bullies go on walks?

    Ok. That sounds like a good idea.

    I dropped Emmitt off at the vet today for his neuter. He was so excited. He ran into the back and didn't even say bye to me.

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    Default Re: Do your bullies go on walks?

    Awee Emmitt getting his boyhood cut......Brodie's boyhood was taken care of by breeder too early in my opinion but his thingies were not dropping so according to my breeder her vet recommended it...I will say she called and asked us if that is what we were going to do, etc, and got our okay and kept us updated because I was so worried about him. He did great and she said that night he was sleepy tired but the next day back to his normal self. Good luck to Emmitt.
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