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Thread: Just a quick update on Bubba

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    Default Just a quick update on Bubba

    for anyone interested, he is the bully we tried to adopt but then he snapped at my little girl so we had to find him a new safe home. Well we have heard from his new owners after 1 1/2 weeks and apparently they are a perfect fit! He and hubby are bestest of friends and I guess he follows him around everywhere. It is a little heart breaking since we had already attached to him BUT I am SOOOOOOO happy to know he is being spoiled and loved like he should be. Everything happens for a reason and I guess he has his new, safe, forever home now. Really makes me want another now but cant see spending the money to get another at this time even from rescue it still costs a small amount. Maybe in a couple years, hopefully!

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    We will keep our eyes and ears open cali, you never know. Another could pop up at any moment, and English Bulldog news gets a lot of emails.

    Glad he is happy. Tell them to come and join the site!
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