Is this an extremely isolated incident, or has chewing on stuff been a problem all along? I stopped my two girls from chewing by using Grannick's Bitter Apple spray, and I went through several bottles of it over a period of months. But in the end, it worked. My dogs don't chew on anything around the house anymore. I started out by spraying every corner of every piece of furniture, etc. Then I focused on anything that seemed to be attracting their attention. I've had three Bully pups (Abby died at 10 months) in the house, and only have evidence of a couple of very minor chew jobs. Teeth marks on the corner of a small guitar amp that sits on the floor, and teeth marks on the front of a wood filing cabinet. The cabinet can be repaired easily, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. If I were you, I'd get the Grannick's (I buy it at Pet Smart) and start using it right away.