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Thread: Is your bully crate trained?

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    Pooper scooper sunbird56's Avatar
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    hi everyone my Peaches is crate trained if I dont tell bedtime around 9 pm she starts winning like she saying its bedtime mom lol

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    Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugzilla View Post
    i wanted to add that with tilly, my first eb, i thought crate training was sooooo mean. she HATED it and of course, after a few minutes of hearing her cry, she was in my bed and the rest is history. she didn't become crate trained until years later when she got jealous of other dogs having their own 'space' in a crate.

    That is funny because we did the same thing. When we got Cutty he was 9 months old and crate trained already so we went and bought a crate and put it next to our bed thinking that was where he was going to sleep. YEAH RIGHT! He lasted 5 seconds in there and we were suckers and he was in our bed after that and ever since. We took the crate back and never even tried with our pug. I know it is good for them to use crates but they just have the run of the house at all times. lol

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