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Thread: Treats question

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    @KMARINO I am going through that box today....hopefully it wont take me to long to find it

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    Well, I think I finally got my husband's attention with this treat issue! Last evening I told him I had posted about the the huge puppy s we have and that since we feed good food, I think it must be the treats he's been giving them. So he marches over to the pantry with this "I'll show you" attitude, takes out a bag of treats and proceeds to read the ingredients. I'm sure he figured they'd all be good because he said, "Well the first ingredient in these is wheat flour, then corn then so on" and I'm just looking at him thinking, are you even listening to what you're reading? At that he said,"Yup, this stuff is crap". And he never just gives them one. He figures if one is good, then three is better. So I now have him reading the labels and agreeing that these treats aren't any good. He does get chicken jerkie which is just chicken, so I guess that's not too bad.

    jillh10: I've made a list of the things you mentioned and I'll be checking those out the next time I'm at Pet Club. Thanks!

    I'd love a good recipe or two to make treats, so if anyone has a recipe, please share.

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