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Thread: Couple of questions

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    Frankie has a crate for when I am gone. She puts herself to bed in it if she is really sleepy. She has a bed in the living room, but uses it to hide toys. She naps on the couch or the rugs, where ever she wants. I only let her in my bed when I am there so I can lift her on and off, b/c it is to high of a jump. Although when in my bed, she looks like she is running through snow and likes to jump on the bed, its hysterical! I also do stainless steel bowls with fresh water all the time! I am also wondering about allergies, she is starting to bite at her little paws...... ????

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    All of my dogs (5) sleep in their own crates at night and are in them when we are not at home. When we are home, they are out and sleep anywhere they want. I crate them, because my one bully is disabled (in a wheel chair) and it would not be fair for all of them to be out and not him.

    Two of my dogs (maybe 3) have allergies to foods which we have narrowed down to Chicken. I also have two bullies which have bladder stone problems and are currently eating Hills UD (Unfortunately - and it also has chicken in it). I am currently trying to work with my vets to switch them to home cooked diet or maybe raw.

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